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1) "Adobe Photoshop Elements 10 – Maximum Performance" by Mark Galer & Dr. Abhijit Chattaraj

2) "Practical HDR, A complete guide to creating High Dynamic Range images with your digital SLR" by David Nightingale

3) "Mobile Digital Art, Using the iPad and iPhone as Creative Tools" by David Scott Leibowitz

4) "The Rules of Photography & When to Break Them" by Haje Jan Kamps

5) "Lens on Life – Documenting Your World Through Photography" by Stephanie Calabrese Roberts

6) "Plastic Cameras, Toying with Creativity" by Michelle Bates


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link to skunkworks gallery

Some images and commentary regarding work in my galleries at


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link to george harrison-debbie deback-wright movie


A funerary tribute to my life-long friend, Debbie DeBack-Wright
by way of a tiny segment of the film, "Living In The Material World" –
George Harrison's wife, Olivia's recollection of George's passing from cancer.

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the pipe dream blend gallery of photographs by michael maersch

The Pipe Dream Blend
: A gallery of photos based upon a series I had printed into a little picture book.

I created this book as a sort of happy ending for myself after having not been chosen as one of the 12 photographers a local charity organization selected to illustrate 12 community groups they support, a wonderful win-win circumstance for both the photographers chosen and the Charity illustrating their good works.  Most of the images here I had used to represent myself when I put together my grant application – though a couple, for obvious reasons, were not included.

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some interesting links off site

Links page
: While redesigning my Location Scouting services website I decided to include a lengthy list of links others would either find interesting or of utility. I'm going to bet it was pretty hard to find there as I decided to get a bit out wacky my design nesting this page in a chapter I called "Blink" with a wacky graphic-link to the page, entitled 'Oh Yeah'/'Lookee' (a rollover graphic to my Links page).

You have to understand, I was designing the site for 'creative' folks in the film, photo and advertising industries and figured I could get at least a bit more wild with my design. But sometime (perhaps more often than not) It is best to be simple and direct. After all it is a business site!

And please NOTE: Some of the links in this page may have gone cold, even died; but most will lead you to some wonderful content to spend time with. (mm)

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disney performing arts center in los angeles by michael maersch

This link
will take you to a tutorial I built illustrating how to make an 'ID stamp', a signature Brush in Photoshop.

Instead of using Lightroom's new 'Watermark' feature (in both the Slideshow and Web modules) for overlaying your images all in the exact same place, all at the same opacity level – which looks pretty ugly in a presentation that includes a variety of images. by using a brush you create in Photoshop you can place each 'watermark' precisely where you would like it on each image and control their opacity as an overlay on each photo.

If you check out images I present in my Location Scouting website you will see how this looks better (I think) than employing the 'Watermark' feature Lightroom provides.

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gnosis event

I made this series after attending an event organized and presented by a good friend of mine, Suzanne Johnson. She is the Executive Director of Gnosis. The gallery consists of my favorites shot over the weekend, November 11th and 12th (2011), Participating Architects' Own Homes Tour.

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